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Beat Eczema - Against theater


Beat Eczema - Against theater
I say this with pride, almost with sadness: the theater gives me a similar aversion to eating dog liver. The actors share the stage, screaming, bats, make people laugh, and I feel a mixture of embarrassment, anger and discomfort. I want to run. On the chair was not to get into the action, I see a ridiculous spectacle leaves the undead. One thing stinks old, a farce. Those who hate the frogs, even those who do not support their views tell them that the frog an animal innocent, harmless and even useful. If sometimes gives off a poisonous milk, it can lead to eczema, but rarely fatal. I also know that the theater is innocent, harmless, even useful, I know that does not kill the poison, but it pushes me away.

Beat Eczema: For the phobic, is not worth the rational proof of the innocence of the object of his phobia. If you have a fear of flying is no call statistics, the crash probably not from a plane. By no use to the snake may be the one who does not attack someone when you have a phobia of snakes is similar to flow or not. He hates the theater does not care that he devoted part of the greatest geniuses of literature: Shakespeare, Ibsen, Lope, Sophocles, Chekhov ... They did, yes, but centuries ago, when they were alive and at the same theater. Homer was a genius, and wrote the most beautiful works of the epic, but who would think today, to epic poems?

Someone who has a fear of flying in general, has nothing against the pilots on the ground. I have nothing against the actor, critic, writer, entrepreneur or manager in the theater. The festivals are worth heroic theater. Theater people are usually harmless and useful when people like toads. His works exude a toxin that kills white. Behind the scenes are kind, intelligent, educated. I like them very well, in a dining room or in a corner, the black Aguirre, Ramiro Osorio, Anamarta Pizarro, Carlos José Reyes, Ibsen Martinez, Gilberto idem, Omar Porras, Sandro Romero, many others: extraordinary people. But perched on the scene, and their gestures, make-up, costume, they become monsters.

"Do not be dramatic," said one from a friend when you're exaggerating. Dramatize the actors of the theater just not convincing fake representation that need to exaggerate, is: they cry, cry, gestures be emphasized that it can be seen from the chicken coop, the voice is impostada, and never speaks, it seems to ensure that all born in Chile and Galicia were crying, even their whispers. If you are brave, they seem angry when they are sad, I'm sorry shown, they are happy to look, should be full, glorious, every smile a laugh, and laughter is a seizure, a minimal mood is, I rule. For the realistic scenario is still there. For minimalist and stripped of any adjustments, is a lot. Cry, empelotan, growling, and, worst of all (if the modern theater), involve the public, want to shock people in the audience to become an actor, too bad they are. I take my elbow, forcing you to say something, they ask you question, you insult, I swear to tease.

If you have a phobia of frogs, toads fascinate him, but leaves and reserve. I also love to play. Or moved to the cinema, with its effects of reality more and more perfect. Gozo with abstract dramas, read, or that the modern theater as a cinema. As a tribute to the theater festival (which must be available and supported and protected, such as airplanes, snakes and toads), in those days, I read Arthur Miller, Harold Pinter, after Molière. But I invite you to meet a theater in Latin: vade retro.     Beat Eczema

Created by melinda molly on 28/03/2012 07:23

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