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uterine fibroid treatment - Woman with 25 uterine fibroids startles docs


uterine fibroid treatment - Woman with 25 uterine fibroids startles docs

When 25-year-old Kalyani Keerthini gained too much weight four months after her marriage, she blamed her food habit and vowed to exercise regularly. But when she missed her menstrual cycle, she suspected pregnancy and consulted a doctor, who after conducting a few tests, told Kalyani something she never expected—she had multiple uterine fibroids or non-cancerous tumours.uterine fibroid treatment

“We approached Creation, a centre for reproductive medicine at Fortis Hospital, where consultant gynaecologist Dr Manisha Singh explained the problem and treatment. She scanned and showed me the fibroids on the spot. Dr Manisha also told me that all fibroids cannot be seen in the scan and that the doctor will come to know the exact number of fibroids only during surgery. However, I was told I had multiple fibroids in the uterus and some of them were quite large,” said Kalyani.

Uterine fibroid was not new to Kalyani, as her mother, grandmother and her aunts too had fibroids in the uterus. “Kalyani’s family had a history of fibroids. At times, there may be no symptom at all and this is what happened in her case. The challenge in Kalyani’s case was that her scan showed up multiple fibroids of various sizes and some were really large, and since she is in a childbearing age we had to save her uterus while removing the fibroids,” said Dr Manisha.

Doctors scheduled a Myomectomy (surgical removal of uterine fibroids) for Kalyani. “During the procedure, we were surprised to see that Kalyani had 25 fibroids of different shapes and sizes inside her uterus,” said Dr Manisha.

Though usually only one fibroid develops, multiple fibroids are quite common. But 25 fibroids together are rare. The size of Kalyani’s fibroids ranged from 2cms to 10 cms— the eight larger ones were between 7cms and 10cms.

Uterine fibroids are the most common non-cancerous tumours that are seen among one in five women of childbearing age. The fibroids are made of muscle cells and other tissues that grow within and around the wall of the uterus.

“The cause of uterine fibroids is unknown. However, their growth has been linked to the hormone estrogen. While fibroids can be so tiny that one would need a microscope to see them, they can grow very large. They may fill the entire uterus, and may weigh several pounds,” said Dr Manisha. uterine fibroid treatment

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