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White Blood Cells Of MDS Patients Are Less Effective At Fighting Infections


White Blood Cells Of MDS Patients Are Less Effective At Fighting Infections
White blood cells of patients with myelodysplastic syndromes are much less effective in fighting and killing bacteria and yeast infections that white blood cells from healthy individuals. These results are based on the results of a small study conducted in Italy were.

According to investigators, these results suggest that white blood cells of MDS patients have a functional activity, which may explain why the myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) patients at higher risk of developing Yeast Infection No More involved.

They added that other, larger studies are needed to fully assess the risk of infection in patients with MDS.

MDS patients must often low numbers of granulocytes, a type of white blood cells, which fight infection in the body. Researchers believe that MDS patients at high risk of infection with known functional disorders in a kind of neutrophils (PMN) are.

In this study, a group of Italian researchers has been the activity of white blood cells (especially PMN) in patients with MDS compared to the activity of white blood cells from healthy individuals. Specifically, they examined how well the white blood cells kill bacteria capable of E. coli and L. lactis and the fungus C. albicans were.

The researchers collected white blood cells of 16 MDS patients, five of which subtype of chronic myelomonocytic leukemia (CMML) who had not yet started any treatment MDS. Nine healthy subjects aged like patients were used as controls. The median age of patients was 70 years.

The researchers found that significantly immediately after infection, the presence of E. and C. coli albicans were higher in MDS patients than in white blood cells white blood cells of healthy individuals. - 24 -, 48 - and time points of 72 hours, this difference was also seen on the 8. There was no difference between cells from patients with CMML and those of other MDS subtypes observed.

If the fight for the ability of L. lactis, white blood cells of MDS patients and healthy individuals has similar features white blood cells examined 8 hours after Yeast Infection No More. Given the patient's cells MDS significantly the capacity is lost over time. Moreover, after 24 hours and 72 hours had white blood cells CMML patients had a significantly higher amount of L. lactis such as white blood cells of patients with MDS other subtypes.

Created by melinda molly on 28/03/2012 09:29

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